Surgical Disposables

Throughout the world, surgical disposables are used in high frequency on daily basis. These include medical devices ranging from injections and needles to more sophisticated products. The basic idea behind using surgical disposables is to minimize the risk of exposing a patient to a foreign pathogen that may damage his or her biological systems. Therefore, they are meant for one time use only because these pathogens can be transferred between patients if same medical devices (such as needle) are used between an infected and a healthy person.

Sy’ah Impex understands the need for creating medical devices that live up to the quality standards, prescribed by various international and domestic medical organizations. All medical devices sold by the company are 100% sterilized, therefore, are safe to use.

SHIFA Disposable Syringes

The leading brand for disposable syringes.


SHIFA Disposable IV Sets

Quality products that enhance infusion therapy.


SHIFA Disposable Gloves

A natural feeling of comfort without wrinkling or creasing.


SHIFA Disposable Urine Bags

Single patient use drainage bags made of vinyl, providing strength and durability.


SHIFA Disposable Cannulas

A kink resistant and specially tapered catheter for easy vein puncture.


SHIFA Disposbale IV Burette Set

Comfort and protection for patient by preventing accidental fluid overload.