Sy’ah was founded in 1993 to primarily introduce hygienic products in Pakistan. Since hygiene in healthcare establishments is one of the most overlooked areas in the country, there was dire need to fulfill the basic health needs of people of different age groups.

Our diversified healthcare devices make us an integral part of the lives of millions of people across the country. Not only the company took the initiative of launching advanced products for enhanced health care system it has also created a milestone by creating new markets that did not exist earlier in Pakistan – a tradition that is continued and celebrated until today.

Our brands such as HAPPIES and SHIFA are leading brands in their respective industries that has been possible due to the sheer hard work put in by our business partners and our efficient sales team.

We are also one of the companies in the industry that are recognized for their competitiveness and values of fair and ethical dealings. Our corporate values have not only helped us in making a mark in the industry, but have also been very useful to strengthen our relationship with the millions of people who trust us every day by choosing our product.

We have always aligned our business opportunities with the objective of nation building and providing a better health care system – attributes that have successfully made Sy’ah Impex a respected member in the business community. Sy’ah Impex looks forward to the years ahead as it continues its diversification process and enriches the lives of many more people.